Editng with Lightroom

Friday, July 31, 2009
Today is 2nd day i attend my lightroom class n this my my work about the editing
hope u all enjoy it..yeah~~

i think lightroom is the easiest sofwere that can manage many photo in 1 time.
i learn many features in lightroom..i reaaly appreciate to En Shamsul coz tought me about lightroom
Anyone can give me opinion about this picha??

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saye kerink said...

wahhh! chnteq nyew gune lightroom.
susah ta gune software tuh?
erm do u think i'm suitable to use that software.
mane la taw ta cukop umo lagyk.
hahaha!tade kene mengene.

Mohammad Hanafi said...

haha...dia 18SG
senang ja..tambah2 bnyak preset...
mesti besh punya

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